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7 Phases of Web Development – 4Leet Computer Repair, IT Services, Web Design and Online Marketing in Thane, Mumbai

Phase One: Website Analysis

Phase one of website development and design is all about gathering information. We analyze your current website and research its current structure, figure out how to make your website fulfill its purpose, identify goals and find out who your target audience is (or should be).

Phase Two: Website Planning

With the completion of phase one we move onto two. This is where we rearrange the way your site should be structured to be based on conversions, what platform will be most beneficial for conversions and how we structure the sitemap and index for your site.

Phase Three: Web Design

Designing your site is the next phase where we brainstorm to incorporate your ideas as well as incorporate best practices for web development focused on conversions. This is also where we plan out the color scheme, incorporate logos, take into account color psychology and draft the usability, user interface and user experience.

Phase Four: Website Content

In phase four we take a look into the actual content of your site. All websites need unique original content, original photos and all the content on the site needs to be optimized for search engines.

Phase Five: Website Development

In phase 5 we start creating your website based on research and ideas developed from phase one through four. We start coding with HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP (others if needed). In this phase of website development We also create the databases needed for your website design. During the development process we will also (if chosen) make the website mobile device friendly by making it responsive.

Phase Six: Website Testing

Now we’re much closer to launching your website with a fresh new design. In Phase six we start testing all the different elements of your website across multiple browsers, make sure the navigation, user experience and interface are optimal for converting visitors into leads. Testing in this phase will help answer the most important question “Does this website fulfill its purpose?”

Phase Seven: Website Deployment

After your site is launched we remain in phase seven to monitor, analyze and record data, look out for potential bugs to fix and if you would like we can even maintain the website for you long-term to make sure your website is always up to date with what the search engines are looking for.

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